How to lose and have no loss in the end.

Confusing title? Let me explain: 

On 5th March i sold a put option on V.F. Corporation (VFC) for 1.05 $. 40 days later i had to buy it back for 5.25 $. That was a loss of 420 $. Well, in hindsight March was not the perfect time to sell this option but none of us have a crystal ball. 

Now one can accept the loss or figure something out. I did the second. 

So i again sold a put with a lower strike for 5.15 $. But VFC was not nice, the price has fallen further – and i had to buy it back for 5.9 $. Again a loss – this time 75 $

Once again i sold a put with a lower strike. This time for 5.2 $. Today i bought it back for 0.1 $. That was a 510 $ win. 

What i mean in this article is that if you choose a good stock, even if it temporarily goes down, in the end you will mostly reduce your initial loss by rolling your options forward and down. 



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