An article about future multibaggers (hopefully). I already had a few of such stocks in my portfolio – for example Shopify, The Trade Desk or Tesla. I sold them all way too early.
I hope that doesn’t happen to me again with these. Let’s move on to the first stock. I don’t suppose many will know this one. It is GrowGeneration Corp. (GRWG).
Here is a chart of this stock:

What does GRWG do? It owns and operates retail hydroponic and organic gardening stores in the United States.
Doesn’t sound very intriguing? True but the business provides everything you need to grow cannabis. And that’s going to be a big theme in the next few years.
Sales in recent years:
2015: 3.5M
2016: 8.0M
2017: 14.4M
2018: 29M
2019: 79.7M
2020: 185M (expected)
If a company increases its sales in this way, then sooner or later profits will start to bubble up. See Amazon or Apple.

Of course, I not only bought the stock but also worked with options (and I will continue to do so). What have I done so far:

  • Bought 400 GRWG. Medium entry price: 16.32 $
  • Bought 4 GRWG Jan15´21 10 Call. Profit: 3738.52 $
  • Bought 4 GRWG Apr16´21 20 Call. Profit: 6800.7 $
  • Bought 1 GRWG Jan21´22 20 Call.
  • Bought 1 GRWG Jan20´23 22.5 Call.
  • Sold 2 GRWG Dec18´20 20 Put. Profit: 177.08 $
  • Sold 2 GRWG Dec24´20 25 Put. Profit: 158.78 $
  • Sold 3 GRWG Jan15´21 25 Put. Profit: 328.16 $
  • Sold 2 GRWG Jan22´21 25 Put. Profit: 159.62 $
  • Sold 2 GRWG Jan29´21 24 Put. Profit: 168.78 $
  • Sold 2 GRWG Jan29´21 30 Put

To be continued…